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The top 10 gas grills between the price of $500 and $1,000 on the market for 2012. If you are looking to purchase a new grill in this price range (based on manufacturer's suggested retail price) then these are the ones you should be looking at. These Gas Grills put out plenty of heat, are built solid and have all the versatility you want. This quick review of Gas Grills should help you get started.

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1. Weber Genesis E-330

Weber Genesis E-330 Gas GrillWeber-Stephen Products Co.
Simply put the Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The list price is $949USD but you can typically find it for around $800USD. What you get with the E-330 is a three burner grill (available in three colors), a 12,000 BTU side burner, and a 10,000 BTU internally mounted sear burner. Other models in this series come without the side burner or the sear burner. You decide which configuration works for you and buy only what you need.

2. Broil King Sovereign 90 Gas Grill

Broil King Sovereign 90 Gas GrillOnward Manufacturing Company

Broil-King makes grills that cook and cook hot. This unit has some very impressive features, including a full rotisserie system and the revolutionary Dual-Tube stainless steel burners. At around $800USD this full feature grill is expensive but it certainly can cook. The quality of this grill is exceptional and it will last for many years, but you have to factor in the price. This is definitely one of the best gas grills on the market.

3. Ultra Chef U405 Gas Grill

Ultra Chef U405 Gas GrillNapoleon Grills

The Ultra Chef line from Napoleon is their entry level grills. Available in a number of configurations and mountings, this version, the U405 is their basic model. This is a no frills grill that has excellent heat output and cooking characteristics. The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates hold heat and give you great contact with food for searing and high temperature cooking. With the 3-burner design and highly adjustable heat output this grill can do all your basic grilling tasks with ease. Since this grill is made by Napoleon (in Canada) it has a lot to back it up.

4. The Holland Grill Maverick Model# BH421AG6

The Holland Grill Maverick Model# BH421AG6The Holland Grill
New for 2011 is the Holland Maverick limited edition gas grill to celebrate the company's 25 years in business. This is the least expensive of the Holland Grills, with a list price of $499USD but that price is subject to the dealers so you might not be able to find it for this price (I haven't). Like all Holland Grills, the Maverick has a single cast iron burner under a metal deflector plate that separates the fire from the cooking chamber. Critics will say that this is just a large metal oven, but fans of this grill (which there are many) will say that this is one of the most versatile gas grills on the market.

5. Huntington Patriot 590 Gas Grill

Huntington Patriot 590 Gas GrillOnward Manufacturing Company
This Huntington Gas Grill by Onward Manufacturing is an $800 monster available exclusively at Cabela's. Featuring the same great features that have made Broil-King amongst the best money can buy, this 5-burner grill is large and designed to impress, and impress it does. Loaded with a full rotisserie system and side burner, this grill has virtually everything. What limits it, is a low BTU output from the main burners when compared with the size and low powered side burner. While still an impressive grill, built to last there are some shortcuts made to accommodate the price versus size and features.

6. Napoleon Mirage Gas Grill Model# M485RB

Napoleon Mirage M485RB Gas GrillNapoleon Grills
Napoleon gas grills are amongst the best you can buy, but they tend to be expensive. The Mirage line is Napoleon's more affordable collection of gas grills, and this one, the M485RB, is the most basic and least expensive yet it still lists for nearly $900USD. That makes it more expensive than comparable Weber or Broil-King grills. This gas grill is a 3-burner unit with an infrared rotisserie burner (but the rotisserie kit is extra but a dealer might cut you a deal).

7. Weber Spirit S-320 Gas Grill Home Depot Edition

Weber Spirit S-320 Gas Grill Home Depot EditionWeber-Stephen Products Company
This Weber Spirit Gas Grill, the S-320, is configured exclusively for Home Depot. The only difference between this grill and the E-320 is that this one has porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates and a stainless steel hood insert (between the cast aluminum endcaps). The S-320 sells for $579USD making it $70 less than the list price of the E-320 (which can be had on sale for as low as $549). The stainless steel hood piece is merely decorative, but the cast iron cooking grates improve the cooking characteristics of this grill, making this version the better choice of the Spirit E-Series grills.

8. Broil King Crown 20

Broil King Crown 20Onward Manufacturing Company
If you are serious about grilling and want a grill that delivers both high, even heat and gives you a lot of control then this is a great grill for you. It might not look modern but Broil King has been making great grills for years. This model will give you plenty of space at 300 square inches or primary cooking area and a total of 500 square inches.

9. Napoleon Prestige I?P450

Napoleon Prestige I P450 StainlessNapoleon Grills
This is a basic, relatively expensive gas grill similar in many ways to the Weber Genesis. Manufactured in Canada by Napoleon this is a high quality grill that is built to last and grill with a high, even heat. What you don't get with this grill is a lot of extras (unless you want to pay for them), but you do get a grill that you can count on due to superior engineering and solid components. If you are willing to sacrifice fancy for quality then this is definitely a gas grill to look at.

10. Char-Broil Performance T-47D Model #463271312

Char-Broil Performance T-47D Model #463271312Char-Broil LLC
The Char-Broil Performance is based on the Quantum grill design that has been available at Lowes for the past several years. For the most part this is a completely normal gas grill. What Char-Broil has done is put a perforated sheet of metal directly under the cooking grate. This stops the flow of air and converts the heat of the burners into infrared heat. In reality, this grill doesn't grill differently than a standard grill. The problem is that this type of infrared requires extra care and is prone to rusting of the infrared "screen".

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