Infrared: Good or Gimmick?

It has been credited with saving the modern barbecue industry. They have been described as the microwave of the outdoor kitchen. Promising incredible temperatures, faster cooking, and phenomenal searing power, infrared grills and burners are quickly becoming the norm instead of the accessory. Many gas grills have infrared searing burners, or have simply converted completely to infrared. The question is, does it really make a better steak, not to mention chicken, fish or vegetables. infrared grills can cost many times more than a standard gas grill. Many of them have more complicated components and require more maintenance and care. People will tell you that this is the energy of the sun, but it is also the same technology of restaurant heat lamps. Advocates say that infrared causes less drying, but the high temperatures can cause more burning. So, if the goal is great grilling the question has to be:

POLL: Is infrared really worth it?
1) Definitely
2) Sometimes
3) Definitely Not
4) Something Else (please specify in the comments)

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