First Look: Downtown Grill by Thermoceramix

Thermoceramix is the next generation of heating element. In fact it isn't even an element. This spray on material creates heat under current making it possible to create heating surfaces of virtually any shape or size. Imagine, for instance, that instead of having a water heater, you have a length of pipe treated with Thermoceramix that heats water on demand anywhere you need it.

Thermoceramix was invented in 1997 but is only now becoming a viable product through demonstration of its abilities in several categories. The Downtown Grill is such a demonstration. This 32 pound portable electric grill can reach a cooking surface temperature of 700 degrees F. with the lid open. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire cooking surface making it the hottest and most even heating electric grill on the market. Of course this doesn't come cheap. Because of the newness of the technology and the limited production, this grill comes in around $2,000USD, making it the most expensive electric grill on the market.

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Image: Thermoceramix

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