New Book: Beerlicious: The Art of Grillin' and Chillin' by Ted Reader

Ted Reader, the grilling guru of Canada, has authored several grilling cookbooks over the years and Beerlicious is his latest. In previous books, Ted has taken on plank cooking, smoking, burgers, and virtually every other form of grilling. Now, Ted has taken the idea of paring drink with food to a whole new level by hand picking beers that act not only as the perfect accompaniment to grilled foods, but also as an ingredient in the recipes. What makes this, or any of Ted's books standout is how much Ted loves what he does and it shows in how he approaches recipes, cooking, and writing.

This isn't a lightweight cookbook, either. At over 300 pages this is a book that is worth it and not just one of those fluffy little cookbooks that line so many shelves these days. If you are into beer and barbecue I would certainly recommend taking a look at this one.

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