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The Safire Roaster is a small, highly efficient little cooker that is designed to do it all. The 12-inch cooking surface has relatively limited cooking space, but is large enough for three or four people to cook a meal. The design of the unit holds it at a consistent temperature around 350 to 400 degrees F/175 to 200 degrees C for up to 3 hours. Airflow control is not adjustable, but the design makes this largely unnecessary.

The standard cooking surface is a Teflon coated aluminum plate that has a raised grill pattern on one side and a flat griddle surface on the other. 


  • Very small and lightweight
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Reversible grill/griddle cooking surface
  • Efficient fuel consumption


  • Teflon coated cooking surface requires care
  • No vent control


  • 112 square inches of cooking space on a nonstick aluminum cooking grate
  • 8-pound total weight
  • 200 series stainless steel construction
  • Locking lid with handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large grease catching system

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Guide Review - Safire Roaster Grill

When the Cobb Portable Cooker was introduced it won design award after award. Small, but amazingly versatile and popular, this little charcoal grill/roaster could do most anything, in small amounts. Inventor Ken Hall of South Africa had sought to create a charcoal powered that was safe to use in rural areas prone to house fires. The Safire Roaster is the next generation of this design. With this unit, Ken Hall has worked to improve the efficiency and dramatically reduce CO2 production while offering the same wide range of cooking abilities.

The Safire is marketed to be powered by coconut charcoal disks but can use normal charcoal briquettes which can be found anywhere instead of special ordered.  I don't generally recommend grills, that require a special fuel, but this unit works just as well with regular store bought charcoal, so this isn't an issue.


Ultimately, this is a very good little unit. Weighing in around 8 pounds and with a locking lid it is easy to transport. There are actually very few parts to this grill, so it can be fired up within a minute or two of being set on a table. There are no vents so if you need the fire out, you are going to have to douse it, but the stainless steel construction means it won't be damaged. In fact, this grill is highly marketed for use on boats and by the ocean. The 200 series stainless steel holds it appearance and is thick and well finished. 

There is a special tool for lifting off the lid or firepot, which is removable so dumping hot charcoal out of the unit is easy. The cooking abilities are very good. The temperature never gets above about 400 degrees F/200 degrees C so this isn't going to put a serious sear on a steak, but it is hot enough to do most any type of cooking. Grease drains away from the fire, so there is almost no smoke production during cooking and no chance of a flare-up.

In the United States, this unit has only recently been introduced and you will probably have to contact the local distributor to find one. At around $170USD retail price, this isn't the cheapest little grill on the market, but for camping and boating it is a very good unit. I would certainly recommend it for those who have no problem with the price. 

One note, the cooking plate on this unit is Teflon coated, which is great because it makes it an easy to clean, nonstick surface. On the other hand, like more Teflon pans it requires care so as not to damage the surface. Also, Teflon should never be heated to temperatures above 500 degrees F/260 degrees C. In a live fire application, like this grill, temperatures can be a little unpredictable. It is important that this grill only be used as advertised and that the cooking plate, not be used in any other place that on this grill. 

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