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Basil-Oregano T-Bone Steaks

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Basil-Oregano T-Bone Steaks - Sabrina S. Baksh
Basil-Oregano T-Bone Steaks. Photo Credit: Sabrina S. Baksh

Steaks are the most popular cut of meat to cook on the grill. Flavorful, tender, and sometimes expensive, it is best to get the most out of your steak grilling, and these recipes represent a wide range of methods, flavors, and ideas for your next cookout. Of course, many people are confused by all the different steaks available, the best way to grill a steak, and how to know when it is medium rare.

This list offers a variety of easy to follow recipes for some delicious steaks.

Basil-Oregano T-Bone Steaks

Rub these T-Bone Steaks with a fantastic basil-oregano combination and throw onto a flaming hot grill. Get a good sear for that rich caramelized flavor and a perfect crusty surface. Then finish off over lower heat to attain that perfect level of doneness. 

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