What Cut of Lamb do you Prefer to Grill?

Traditionally spring is lamb season. While you can get lamb any time of year these days I always get hungry for a nice leg of lamb or some seared lamb chops. I know that a lot of people think lamb is difficult to cook, or claim that they don't like the flavor, but if you haven't tried lamb in a while you are just punishing yourself. So whether you love lamb or not this week's question is:

POLL: What Cut of Lamb do you Prefer to Grill?
1) Rib Chops
2) Loin Chops
3) Leg of Lamb
4) Rack of Lamb
5) Loin Roast
6) Lamb Shoulder
7) I Don't Like Lamb
8) I Don't Know How to Cook Lamb
9) Something Else (please specify in the comments)

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