Brining Turkey - Step by Step

Whether or not you are using a bag to hold the turkey and brine, it is a good idea to put something heavy onto of the turkey to hold it down in the brine. What I recommend is a bag full of ice. Not only will this help keep the turkey in the brine, but it will help keep the brine solution cool. By putting the ice on the top, any heat rising in the container will be met with an icepack.

Now it is time to get your container packed away. Your best bet is to put the whole thing in the refrigerator. Of course, if cooking a turkey, you are probably cooking other things as well and refrigerator space may be hard to find. A cold cooler will work just fine. Remember to keep the brine cold, but don't let it freeze. If the outside temperature is low enough you can just put the whole thing someplace safe outside until you are ready to cook your turkey.

A turkey should brine for at least 1 hour per pound but no more than a total of 24 hours (for safety sake). If you are brining a 20 pound turkey it should brine for at least 20 hours, so plan accordingly.

And remember the most important step is the last one, so don't skip out yet.

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