Top 10 Inexpensive Cuts of Meat

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Chuck Eye Steak

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Expensive cuts of meat tend to be the ones that are tender and can be cooked quickly and easily. This doesn't mean that you can't create a great meal with a cut that costs less. Barbecue and Grilling give you the ability to cook these cuts right and make something better than most any restaurant can turn out. These are the perfect meats for the grill or smoker that cost less but still make for a great cookout.

Chuck Steaks are a great alternative to more expensive steaks and the chuck eye steak is the best of this primal cut. Make sure you talk to your butcher so you are sure of what you are getting. Chuck steaks are not as tender as their more expensive cousins and will benefit from a good marinade. This will make the meat more tender so you won't notice that you save yourself some money. Also, avoid overcooking chuck steaks. They are perfect at medium rare, but tough at well done no matter how you prepared it before it hit the grill.

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