What do you want a grill for?

Yes, I know, to cook, or more precisely to grill. However, you'd be surprised at what some people use their grills for and what others expect from them. Some people buy a grill because they are having a big party and think it would be a great idea to get one. Many of these people end up giving away (or throwing away) their grill after a use or two. Some people buy a grill to cook everything, everyday. They can get frustrated with their grill for not being versatile enough. Some people buy a grill because they expect it to be an easy and quick way to cook. These people may find grilling harder than they thought or might not keep a close enough eye on what they are doing to get properly prepared food off the grill. Anyway, do you want your grill for Saturday afternoon or Tuesday evening? Is your grill for a few meat items or for virtually everything you can imagine? Do you buy a grill because you are having a big party or family gathering? Either way you slice it, this weeks question is:

POLL: What do you want a grill for?
1) Occasional grilling of steaks, burgers, dogs and chops
2) Big weekend cookouts with lots of friends and family
3) Frequent cooking of whole meals
4) Low-fat and easy foods
5) Occasional grilling of all kinds of foods
6) The perfect steak
7) Grilling, Smoking, Searing, Rotisserie and more
8) Taste
9) Summer Fun
10) Other (please specify in the comments)

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