Turkey Time is Coming

I know for many of you the one time you cook a turkey is still more than a month away (Monday for those of you in Canada), but it is never too early to start thinking about how you are going to cook this bird. Fortunately for you I have been working for years to put together the resources you need to cook a great turkey. Take a look at these:

The Science of Turkey Understand that a whole turkey is basically two kinds of meat that cook differently and you need to adjust the way you cook a turkey to get both meats done right.

Brining Turkey Brining makes a better turkey hands down. If you don't brine you really should give it a try. I promise that you will notice the difference.

Turkey Injection Want to put some extra flavor into your turkey (literally)? Try an injection marinade to puts moisture and flavor directly into the meat of the turkey.

Deep Fried Turkey Many people are afraid to deep fry a turkey, but if you are careful and do it right, you will get one of the best turkeys you have ever eaten.

Smoking Turkey A smoked turkey is loaded with flavor that makes it the most unique bird you can cook.

Grilled Turkey Depending on your grill you can cook up a turkey quickly and easily without turning on your oven once (saving it for all those other dishes you cook).

Beer Can Turkey Smoked or grilled putting your turkey on a big beer can adds loads of flavor and moisture to your bird.

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