Pizza Lunch!

I prepared grilled pizzas last weekend because I wanted a quick and flavorful meal. I don't usually prepare my own dough for pizza crusts but instead I use store brand frozen bread dough. I know, its like cheating, but really, who knows the difference and it is so much easier. The only problem with frozen bread dough is that you have to let them thaw on their own before you can roll out the pizza rounds. If anyone knows a trick here I would appreciate it. Also, if you let it sit out too long then the bread rises and becomes more difficult to work with. I've found that thawing the dough for about six hours is perfect, but that means that I have to plan ahead accordingly. So what I did was thaw several loaves (each one makes 4 personal sized pizzas) and rolled them all out and gave them a light toasting on the grill. Just cooked enough to stop them from rising further and from sticking together. Then I froze the extra pizza rounds for future use. Today I pulled one out, thawed it on the grill, applied my toppings and grilled up a delicious pizza. Perfect! Pizza in under 15 minutes, just the way I like it.

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