What's in your can?

I did up a couple of beer can chickens recently. This is a great way to make a chicken that everyone loves. Moist and tender this chicken is always perfect. Anyway I was playing around with different beers and got thinking about which beer was best. (Check out the beer forum for further discussion.) So after a little research it got even worse. Wine, crab boil, oil and vinegar marinades, tequila all end up in that birds . . . end. Along with loads of spices and herbs is the magic liquid that makes your beer can chicken better than everyone elses. I know that a lot of people who pop in here have done beer can chickens and certainly know what they are talking about so I thought I would throw out this question this week:

POLL: What do you put in your beer can chicken?
1) Ale
2) Cheap Beer (you know, beer)
3) Crab Boil
4) Hefeweizen
5) Lager
6) Pilsner
7) Stout
8) Water with seasonings
9) Wine
10) Other (Please Specify in the Comments)

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