New Book: Rotisserie Cooking by Mike Vrobel

Frequently I hear the complaint that cookbooks have become too expensive. There is an answer for that, electronic books. Take for instance this great ebook from Mike Vrobel, author of the blog DadCooksDinner. Mike and I agree that far too few people are taking advantage of the rotisserie potential of their grills and he has authored this book that covers the subject with a great amount of detail. While a printed book might run you $20USD or more, you can get this one for $4.99. A great deal if you consider that Mike gives you more than just 50 recipes, he has filled this book with detailed information on fire building, dry and wet brining, rubs and seasonings, and everything else you need to master the rotisserie.

Check this book, available for Kindle reader out. See Rotisserie Cooking

Image: Mike Vrobel

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