Hamilton Beach 5-Burner

The Bottom Line

If you have the money and access to the market you can call up a factory in China to build you a gas grill. Yes, it will be generic is construction, quality, and features, but you can stamp your name on it and call it yours. This is what Hamilton Beach has done with this gas grill. While loaded with features, this $500USD gas grill, sold at Sears, is very typical and nothing about it will make it stand out for either quality or performance.


  • High powered side burner
  • Dedicated smoker box with burner


  • Low heat output for the size
  • Lower quality components and construction


  • Four 10,000 BTU stainless steel tubular main burners
  • 442 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 598 square inches
  • 40,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 13,000 BTU standard side burner under a flush mounted cover
  • 6,500 BTU smoker burner with closed smoker tray
  • Two porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates with interchangeable grill inserts including a griddle and vegetable basket
  • Powder coated and 430 stainless steel construction
  • On knob push and turn piezoelectric ignition
  • Propane tank, cover, and optional rotisserie kit sold separately
  • Made in China for Hamilton Beach

Guide Review - Hamilton Beach 5-Burner GrillStation

For 2012 Hamilton Beach, sellers of so many appliances and home products, has entered into the gas grill business with this unit, available at Sears. Of course in these days most anyone can call up a factory in China and have a product produced. When you have a name like Hamilton Beach it is particularly easy. This gas grill is very typical of grills these days in this price range. The firebox construction, flame-tamers, burners, and pretty much every other component on this grill comes out of the standard supply box of gas grill parts. This doesn't necessarily make this a bad grill, it just makes it undistinguished from most of the grills this one will be sitting next to.

The Hamilton Beach 5-Burner GrillStation offers you four primary burners, generating up to 40,000 BTUs under 442 square inches of primary cooking space. In addition there is a standard but powerful 13,000 BTU side burner under a flush mounted cover and a 6,500 BTU smoker burner with a dedicated smoker drawer. The cooking grates are a medium weight porcelain coated cast iron, and the burners are standard and typical stainless steel tubular design. The flame tamers and fire box are porcelain coated steel sheet metal.

All in all, this is an average gas grill that lists at around $500USD, but will probably get marked down by a slowly failing Sears during the season. While loaded with extras, there really isn't anything that will make this grill stand out other than the perceived quality that the Hamilton Beach name might bring to it. What Sears gets out of this product is a name brand from a company that doesn't own factories.

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