Making a Flower Pot Grill

You can spend days trying to find the perfect cooking grate for your flowerpot and end up placing a single burger patty on it, one at a time. Or you can choose the smart path and go with kebabs for your flowerpot cookout. A 10 inch flowerpot grill can hold three good sized kebabs and cook them in about 10 minutes. Since you have the pot handy your guests can take turns grilling up a wide range of foods (over the course of two hours) when the flowerpot grill remains hot.

I said that you needed two saucers for each pot but I haven't told you what to do with that second saucer yet. When you are done cooking on your flower pot grill, place the second saucer on top of the pot to extinguish the fire. Warning: Do not pour water into your flowerpot grill. The sudden shock of cold can break the pot, making a very big mess.

Most of all have a good time.

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