Making a Flower Pot Grill

For a single 10 inch flower pot grill you will need 12 to 14 standard charcoal briquettes. They must be already burning when they go into the pot. So you need something to light the charcoal in and also a way to move the hot coals into the pot.

What works best for this task is a charcoal chimney, since this is a quick and easy way to light charcoal. Light the briquettes and with a pair of tongs transfer the burning hot coals into the flowerpot on top of the sand. The coals do not have to be completely ready (white and ashy), but at least hot and burning.

Transportation Problem: Moving a hot flowerpot grill, heavy with sand and burning coals, can be difficult and dangerous. However, filling a flower pot with burning hot coals sitting on a table can also be dangerous. You can choose to do either. I tend to fill the pots on the table and try not to move them too much. I fill the pots with the tables clear and everyone at a safe distance. Use a pair of good tongs to pick up the coals one by one to place inside the pot.

You need a single layer of coals in your pot. Do not over fill them because the excess heat can cause your pot to crack or break.

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