Master Forge 9-Burner Silver 6318B

The Bottom Line

This is more grill island than grill. At nearly 8 feet, end to end, this $1,300USD monster has virtually everything, including a cover. It nine burners include three side burners, two standard and one infrared. This is also a rotisserie burner in the back. Big and shiny, this gas grill won't make it to the floor of most Lowe's stores and will generally be available only as a special order grill. Even at this price this grill cuts back on quality and much of the stainless steel body parts are very thin. Given the lowered quality the biggest problem with this grill are the large number of points of failure.


  • Large, powerful grill loaded with features
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • High heat output


  • Low grade stainless steel construction
  • Many parts, many points of failure
  • Inefficient design


  • Six 12,000 BTU stainless steel tubular main burners
  • 683 square inches of primary cooking space with a total of 950 square inches
  • 72,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Two large 15,000 BTU side burners
  • 12,500 BTU infrared side searing burner
  • 13,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner (rotisserie kit sold separately)
  • Complete stainless steel construction including stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Electronic ignition, internal halogen lighting, LED lit control panel
  • Cover and natural gas conversion kit included, propane tank and rotisserie kit sold separately
  • Made in China exclusively for Lowe's Master Forge Brand

Guide Review - Master Forge 9-Burner Silver Gas Grill Model# 6318B

Lowe's has made a habit of keeping a giant, full featured gas grill in it catalog. This grill is the current model of that grill. At nearly 8 feet end to end, this large grill is loaded with features. Not only do you get a 6-burner gas grill that pumps out a lot of heat, but two 15,000 BTU side burners on the cart so you can do a lot of cooking. This grill also has a 12,500 ceramic type infrared sear burner on the other side so you can sear a steak (one at a time) before finishing it off on the grill. With every burner on, this grill pumps out 115,500 BTUs meaning it empty a 20-pound propane tank (filled to 18-pounds) in about 3 hours.

The thing about this grill is that the person who buys it probably doesn't really need to grill up 65 hamburgers at a time while searing a steak, boiling a pot full of corn and cooking up a can of soup. The person who buys this wants to impress his neighbors (yes, men will buy this, most women will probably know better). The problem is, that to really keep impressing your neighbors you are going to have to look after this grill obsessively. This grill isn't made with the kind of stainless steel that will retain its appearance for long so like on of those silly European sport cars it would be best if you kept this grill in your garage and only touched it to polish it.

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but before you buy this grill, ask yourself, does this grill really do what you are buying it for or does it just make you feel better about yourself, and as it corrodes over the next couple of years on your back porch, how will you feel? Yes, it will last you a couple of years but once parts start to fail you will find yourself owning a store brand grill from a store that doesn't carry parts and at this writing none of the parts suppliers I know have anything for this grill in stock, and when they do, they will be expensive.

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