What's on the Menu this Holiday Season?

The big Holiday Meals are a great time to show off our cooking abilities while still clinging to the traditional favorites. From the Deep Fried Turkey to slow roasted Ham to a rotisserie Goose these classics of the Holidays are food we seldom prepare but expect to get right every time. And this isn't limited to the Christmas Feast, because I know that everyone has their favorite, that one big holiday of the year that is their specialty, their best meal. Now I know that Thanksgiving is upon us in the U.S. and that typically means Turkey, but it isn't limited to that one bird. Every family has its traditional main course for the big holiday in your neighborhood. Anymore so much attention is paid to these single big events and I know that the truth is much more complicated than Food Network would like you to believe, so this weeks question is:

POLL: What's on the Menu this Holiday Season?
1) Turkey
2) Ham
3) Lamb
4) Fowl (goose, duck, etc.)
5) Prime Rib (or other large beef roasts)
6) Fish or Seafood
7) Barbecue (pork, brisket, ribs, etc.)
8) Other (Please Specify in the Comments)

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