Grill Closeout Season

In the United States and Canada, Labor Day (or Labour Day) signals the end of summer. The kids have gone back to school and Christmas decorations are showing up in stores (okay, maybe not yet but you know it won't be long). If you read what the popular media has to say, this is also the end of the summer barbecue season. Time for one last cookout before packing it up for the winter. I bet that if you are reading this you don't believe a word of this. Fortunately, most of the major retailers do and that means this is the big sale week. Stores are going to need to make room for those Christmas decorations and are offering a some pretty good sale prices on everything from grills to charcoal (Kingsford also does some very good pricing this time of year). So, if you've put off buying a new gas grill, smoker or charcoal grill right now might be the time to take another look. Floor models, scratch and dent, and discontinued grills are all hitting sale prices so you can take advantage of the situation. With over 200 reviews of outdoor cooking products I have most of the items you are looking for. So take a look at:

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